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Ann Perkins

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Ron S.

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Their prices are unbelievably reasonable! They helped me to build a package deal according to my budget. All their employees including from customer service to the decorators that show to the place were very professional.

They got the job done by building an amazing dance floor and butterflies centerpieces which transformed a gym in an sophisticated venue for my grand daughter's sweet sixteen."

Latiffa Jhonson

"I was in the hunt for a last-minute table cloths order for my husband birthday set for the weekend. I did not find any specific rental companies around North Jersey that were able to help me with my order two days previous to the event. So I went to the internet and found My Deco Balloon I was amazed that in their website not only offered table clothes rentals but balloon decorations as well. The representative was very helpful over the phone and told me that they were able to fulfill my order by the weekend, she even help me to select a nice color combination for my event. I was so thankful that I ended ordering chair covers, centerpieces and two balloon columns, which made me entitle to a package discount! Everything was on time by the day of the event. A team of three decorators in uniform showed to the venue and took care of all the set up. The color combination looked beautiful and the balloon decorations gave that magic touch to my husband birthday."♥

Anna D.